Tutorial #1: Washing


Washing 101

A good service always starts with a complete clean of the vehicle.


Diluting shampoo:

Remove the most significant dirty marks using a high pressure cleaner (mud, dust, leaves, etc.). Dilute  GS27 Titanium Shampoo in warm water. Clean the bodywork with a sponge from top (roof) to bottom (bottom of the body and wheel arch). Rinse thoroughly in clean water.

Waterless washing:

On cold bodywork, spray the product directly on the dirty surfaces. Dry immediately with a microfiber cloth. Do small areas at a time.

Our advice:

It is preferable to wash your vehicle in the shade and away from the wind. Avoid leaving your car to dry in bright sunshine, this risks leaving marks (especially if the water contains lime scale). If possible, dry the bodywork with a leather cloth for a shiny finish without marks.

Wheel Cleaner

Spray the GS27 Titanium Wheel Cleaner or the GS27 Wheel Cleaner Acid Free directly on the wheel. Leave it to work for a few seconds. Rinse in water, preferably with a high-pressure cleaner or dry the wheel with a microfiber for waterless cleaning products. If the wheels are very dirty, repeat if necessary.

Our advice:

Clean the wheels one by one. If the wheels are particularly dirty you can clean them using a brush.

Specific Washing

In some cases, you need to have specific products to remove certain stains that are particularly stubborn, like resin or tar stains. Spray the product directly on the stain. Leave it to work for a few seconds and rub with a microfiber cloth. Check the label for more information on the use of each product.

Our advice:

Remove the stains one by one. We advise you to clean the entire vehicle to avoid “cleaning stains”. Do not wait to clean stains: the older they are the more ingrained they become and are thus difficult to remove.


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